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How to Shorten your 30yr. Mortgage to 22yrs

(I copied this section from my newsletter which is emailed once a month. Anyone who wishes to receive my Newsletter can do so by emailing me their information and I will do the subscription for them.)

DEAR BENNY: I was reading in one of your columns about paying off your mortgage faster by making an extra payment each year. You said to make sure your coupon clearly indicates you are making an extra payment. I did this at the end of 2008, but didn’t know whether it should go under an extra payment or payment on the principal. I paid it on the principal because otherwise it wouldn’t show up until January as a payment.

I called the mortgage company and could not get a straight answer from them. I was told I could do it either way, which was not helpful. Did I do the right thing by paying the extra payment on the principal? I was setting up our payments to come out of our checking bimonthly so the extra payment would be included each year. We also have money going into our escrow account to pay our taxes and homeowners insurance. I am confused. –Lynette

DEAR LYNETTE: I am also a little confused about your question, but let me try to answer it this way. I always recommend that if you can make at least one extra monthly payment each year, you can lower the amount of interest you will ultimately pay as well as shorten the term of the loan. For example, one additional monthly payment per year should reduce a 30-year loan down to approximately 22 years.

You can make this extra payment in several ways. In December of each year, you can make that extra payment. Or, better yet, divide the monthly payment by 12 and add that amount to your payment each and every month. Read more »

What Double dip?

Things are not improving are we surprised? Double dip we never left the last hole we were in.

Health Care Reform

Massachusetts Vote, a Wake up Call

Why Martha Lost

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Health Care Reform or Not?

headshot-for-davidian-postWhat is so unclear to our politicians be it Republican or Democrat about our broken health care system? The US cannot spend 18% of it GDP on health care. This figure isn’t even static it is rising. We should all be alarmed by this number alone never mind that is ranked 37 in the world in terms of quality and service. Germany spends 5% of it’s GDP and covers a 100% of it’s population, we have over 45 million uninsured and the rest paying exorbitant rates and getting lousy coverage. Not to mention 2547 families file bankruptcy everyday because of medical expenses. This is not only amoral this is a disaster. We are getting ripped off by insurance companies as well as providers.  Yet our politicians are helping the Medical industrial complex continue this abuse. We needed change and instead we got used by someone who we thought represented change.

We will get change and we will do it on our own no doubt in my mind about that.  The injustice of it won’t stand and it will not be the only battle we the people will wage, there are many fights for us to ponder and mobilize on.  I feel the people have just begun to fight back and try to take the country back. We will succeed!

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Now for the logical part of this diatribe. It seems to me that we have developed a system in this country that is completely run and owned by vested interests. Pharma has more power then all the people in the US. Yes they do, they can hold the Senate hostage to their demands. We can’t import drugs. Why was opening up the boarders to China and other countries for trade okay  and it but not for pharmaceuticals? It was because Pharma wanted it so. So guess who pays? We do Republican morons as well as Democratic ones.  We can’t even get these idiots to see that lowering the cost of Medicine is critical to the health of this countries economy never mind the people themselves. Providing for real reform would have been a tremendous boost to our economy on all levels including the personal level. I find it incredulous to hear educated people quote morons like Glen Beck and O’Reilly. What about getting reform and I mean real reform is mysterious? I will continue finishing this article a little later I need to go throw up.

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Health Insurance Reform??

punjabiThe words of Barack Obama on the address posted and emailed to all who are on the Barack mailing list. Health Care reform became “health insurance reform”.  This change in language says it all to me, Barack you lost me. Notice I didn’t call him President Barack Obama. That’s right you get exactly what I mean.


The propaganda machinery of the medical industrial complex is now spinning stories of how insurance companies don’t like the bill, well this is sheer poppy cock. They love the bill, they can’t say that because the game would be up. After getting things in the bill tweaked just so they now have to pretend they don’t love it, they do! Not only are they saved but will get bigger and profits will be larger. Here’s a tip buy their stock. The reform won’t kick in till 2013 I can’t believe they could wait that long.

Just for the record I am and always was for a single payer system. No where in the bill am I reading about the cost of health care coming down, that is the actual cost and prices of medicine and services being lowered which is really where our problem is, rather that insurance will be available for all and if you don’t buy one they will be penalties. People who are earning over the poverty level will be asked to pay around 2.5% to as much as 12% in some financial categories of their income for this insurance, it doesn’t say what the co -payments are and believe me there will be those. What are they smoking in DC?  This category of income cant afford to even live in the worst parts of any major city yet they are being compelled to have buy insurance. This we call health care reform.

I read some of the comments made on several blogs and websites by people about how they have insurance and made the wise choices in life that is why they can afford it. Then the 17% of people who lost their jobs and are currently employed made the wrong choices right? Others were commenting about the deficit and the debt being increased and the government take over. I guess we should trust business to do the right thing, that is why we are in such a good shape?

Why did they remove the Kucinich amendment which allows states to implement their own single payer system if they choose to. Why? What gives them the right to take away our rights and force us to accept their choices. What is so threatening about this amendment.  I can tell you why, this is how Canada was able to get the single payer actually eventually enacted.

This reform is a sham.

Public Option? Humm.. Not Really

bald-spot-web-shotAs a novice activist I am outraged by the “Washington Process”. What about the polls is not clear to the elected politicians? The majority of Americans as high as 70% want a robust public option. In fact most want Single Payer Health Care, this is the kind Canada has, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan even Cuba. We instead got a Public Option.  What does this mean? As it is now abundantly clear the version that has come down to us is selling the people out.

It is beginning to be clear after reading through several pages of the bill the sham that it is. The bill includes all these explanations and requirements and the rest of the pages of garbage. It is simply trying to allow the insurance companies to survive and thrive. Bottom line is it is requiring all of us to get insurance one way or another. The biggest burden goes on small businesses. These very same businesses that are providing a job for many Americans and the true crucible of this economy to bear the burden. I have been a small businessman all my life. The additional cost of paying insurance wasn’t even an option there was no money. Why do we still insist on supporting the private business of insurance companies.  Why do we allow the crooks to dictate. How can these politicians with a straight face accept and then try to pass this law on us. They should be ashamed of themselves.

This bill will create it’s on structure to navigate this inefficient system. The Blue Dogs or was it Blood Dogs are basically scuttuling a healthier bill for the narrow interest of their minute little peanut populations. The changes in this bill are adding another 85 billion to the cost. That is money we could spend on education or anything we want. Perhaps even another bailout of BANKS!!!

We the people need to stand up, we should be screaming shrill at our government wait a minute not our government rather the corporate representatives we call government.


Health Care Reform.

headshotsmallWe are in the fight for our lives literally as well as philosphically. The Health Care debate and the final outcome will reveal to us the truth about our Democracy and the representative form of government. These are truly extraodinary times. I am excited to be of an age to appreciate it’s significance and of the mindset to participate in helping shape the future. The direction of the debate on Health Care was very cleverly diverted to the cost of financing which is very misleading.  I talk about that in my podcast.

There are many issues we need to fight for as citizens. and we have some monumental battles ahead of us. I am committed besides I can’t think of a better thing to do with my life.

The links below will take you to some incredibly disturbing reports on PBS. They are directly accessible on PBS but for your convenience I have posted them here.

America’s Economy Reformed?

Health Care reform?

headshotsmallOn August 11th I attended the town hall meeting in Alhambra with Adam Schiff. This is what I saw. The pro reform and single payer voices were 90% if not 95% of the crowd. A few citizens of “Hazard County” attended the meeting. They were easily spotted and seemed to belong to the Mullet brigade. They typically carried big signs and generally accompanied with an American flag. I was greatly pleased to see for myself the voices for reform, including those on the panel.

If one is to believe the MSM coverage of health care you would think that it’s dying a swift and rancorous death. It is fairly obvious there is a negative slant by said MSM on health care reform, specially where it concerned single payer option. They lead you to believe that the general population is resistant to the Obama plan. This is the furthest thing from the truth. The vast majority of people attending this Town hall meeting were most definitely for reform. The thing that really gets to me is that when you first go on Google news, you will right away see a negative story on health care. When you look to see the source invariably it is FOX. Now how do you suppose FOX gets to be the first story on Google News. Well it’s simple, you buy the spot. So if you click on the Google News link that is what comes up. This then gives the impression that Health care reform is in trouble. We all know about the garbage FOX puts out. Thank you Rupert!! The good news is that these outlets will eventually die a slow death of the Internet revolution. It is already happening his empire is in trouble.

People I am here to tell you it will happen, that is Health Care reform. It must and there are so many better ways and much cheaper. To see a few just click on the link below.

Bill Moyers: The Journal: Profits Before Patients

The Health Care Industry Versus Health Reform

How LA’s massive free clinic event came together

Health Care reform now!

headshotsmallHealth Care why we need to get this done now!